At Rapid Motion we value everyone, with this in mind we strive to provide a fully accessible user experience for all users and viewers regardless of the assistive technology being used to access this website.

While we strive to ensure our website is updated and compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), but we understand that sometimes things get missed or overlooked, as such we provide our users with a customisable Assistive and Accessability Utility.

This utility provides assistive and accessibility technologies that allows users to toggle/customise:

  • Size of the text
  • Size of the cursor
  • Invert Colours
  • Adjust Contrast
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Implament Grayscale
  • Add a reading line
  • Readable Fonts
  • Tooltips
  • Highlight Links

The utility and technologies can be accessed via the clickable widget, located on the right hand side of every page.

We will continue to develop and improve our websites Accessibility and as new solutions are discovered to improve the user experience, we will add them to our website directly or via the suite of utilities and accessibility tools available to you on our website.

Want to share some feedback with us?

If you discover or encounter any issues with any page on our website that presents a challenge for you or any other individuals with or without disabilities, please share this with us, we value your feedback.

This Accessibility Statement applies to: